Homeward Hounds Boot Camp – April 2021

Our first session of the 2021 Homeward Hounds Boot Camp just finished up with a field trip to the Training Pavilion at Foothills Humane Society. After 6 sessions over 3 weeks, working with 7 handlers and 7 hounds, we have graduated 5 hounds! Pursuit (with Dave), Minty (with Sue), Martini (with Anne), Pacolet (with Jane),  and Winston (with Kerrie) are all ready to find their Forever Homes.

Session 2 will begin on Monday, May 3.  Oscar and Preacher will get a little more training, and 4 or 5 other hounds will join in.  If you would like to volunteer your time and enjoy the process of helping these hounds transition to the couch, please contact Beth Blackwell at cedarwaybassets@yahoo.com.

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